Opinion survey held for South Graduates Constituency poll

Mysuru, October 13:-  A meeting was held in the city BJP office for the South Graduates Constituency opinion survey here on Tuesday (October 12).

District In-charge Minister S T Somashekar, Mandya District In-charge Minister K Narayana Gowda, Ashwath Narayana, N V Sankanuru, Y A Narayana Swamy and Hanumantha Nirani State collected opinion.

BJP general secretary Ashwatha Narayana said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated several schemes for people working in unorganised sectors. There are 48 crore working people in our country, only 9 crore are working in organised sector and the remaining 38 Crore people are working in the unorganised sector. Many engineers and graduates are working as farmers, in tea shops and food courts. State and central governments have implemented many schemes and all schemes must reach the beneficiaries.”

He said, “The candidate for the poll is yet to be decided. So far, we have collected details of 25 candidates and the final candidates’ list will be released after the survey. Voter enrollment is important and we must win the Council poll.” (AM/KS)

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