Our job to promote Karnataka as a tourist destination: KTF

Karnataka Tourism Forum (KTF), Mysuru unit was inaugurated at Windflower Resort, Mysuru, recently.

C B Ramkumar from Global Sustainable Tourism Council, spoke on ‘How do we stop Karnataka from becoming a declining destination?’ He spoke on how a party that runs wild once a month in Thailand ruins the environment with used bottles, plastic and garbage, makes the locals suffer and destroys the environment.

He raised the issue on ‘who owns the tourism assets?’ wherein he spoke about the condition of Mysuru Palace after Dasara, graffiti on heritage sites and so on.
He also pointed out that 80% of tourism is with the private sector, which by following set standards can make sure that the tourism business is sustainable. “Sustainability can be achieved by creating awareness, imparting training for all stakeholders, ensuring proper implementation, which are to be followed by auditing. He stressed on the importance of destination management offices and spoke on taking responsibilities to protect our tourist destinations.

Sanjar Imam, president, Karnataka Tourism Forum (KTF), spoke about KTF and its mission to promote awareness on Karnataka as a potential destination by organising large events that would attract more tourists. He spoke about the many road shows, FAM trips, awards and membership drives, which KTF has embarked on.

He spoke about the launch of Mysuru Chapter of KTF, which would be a step towards increasing the base of promoters of tourism. The Mysuru Chapter would meet on every last Wednesday in the month to discuss the ideas that would make Mysuru a grand tourism destination. B S Prashanth of Safe Wheels Group of Companies was crowned as the convener of KTF Mysuru and Mahesh Kamat of Pai Vista as the co-convener.

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