Outburst unwarranted

The outburst of Ravi Shastri, former cricketer, against former India captain Saurav Ganguly is a reflection of frustration for not being selected as India coach. Shastri has been dominating much of the activities of BCCI for long and milked the cricket board sufficiently. One can understand his disappointment, but it doesn’t mean that Ganguly is the only person responsible? How long one can hang on to plum posts? He should remember, there are many former cricketers whose contribution to Indian cricket is no less than his! Indian cricket was ruled by officials of Bombay region for long. Globally, a lot of changes have taken place and India or Indian cricket is no exception. Changes are essential for the betterment. Shastri  is not the only expert available; his nearness to power centers enabled him to stick to one or the other posts with BCCI.  This country has many honest and sincere cricketers who never indulged in behind the door activities to get plum posts. Cricketers from Karnataka are, perhaps, the most decent lot and this is their undoing for not in the limelight of the game like Shastri or Sunil Gavaskar. Thankfully, new set up in BCCI has started recognising cricketers from other regions also.  Ganguly has aptly responded to the criticism of Shastri. BCCI should take note of this incident and ensure that every former specialist player’s expertise is available to youngsters who are donning India colours.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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