Oz, NZ to team up over Brexit fallout

Prime Minister Malcolm Turn­bull on Monday announced Australia will team up with New Zealand in a bid to ne­gotiate new trade and immi­gration deals in the wake of Britain’s exit from the Euro­pean Union (EU).

He has also ordered an ur­gent review from Treasury of­ficials and diplomats over the implications of the exit, ABC

News reported.

Turnbull told reporters in Adelaide he had been in contact with his New Zea­land counterpart John Key, warning the implications of Friday’s historic vote were “considerable”.

“We have many, many common interests in terms of dealing with that, both from a trade point of view, from a movement of persons point of view,” he said.

“There are some big is-sues in terms of the access of Australians and New Zea­landers to Europe and in- deed to the UK.”

Turnbull said he wanted to establish a “collaborative, cooperative framework” with New Zealand if he was re­elected in the federal elec­tions scheduled for July 2.

He warned there were “opportunities and chal­lenges” arising from Britain’s decision and he had ordered a “comprehensive report” on its likely consequences.

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