Paani to Police initiative o help police beat scorching heat

With the city temperature nearing 40 degrees, bearing the scorching sun has become a Herculean task. While we take solace in air conditioned homes, offices or under shade of trees, the traffic police in the city are sweating it out, standing for  hours together on the road exposed to the scorching heat, noise and air pollution.
Taking note of this, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru, has taken the initiative to provide water bottles to the traffic police all over Mysuru. As a part of the week-long campaign, the hospital will be covering approximately 150 police points all over the city.
“With the Meteorological Department forecasting the mercury levels to touch almost 40 degree Celcius this summer, Mysureans should be prepared to beat the heat. While we advice people to stay indoors, mainly between 12 noon and 4 pm to avoid the scorching heat, this cannot be followed by a large number of people in certain professions especially those in the police department. They have to as part of their job brave the heat for long hours. Thus they are susceptible to exhaustion, heat stroke, dehydration due to the heat etc. The only way to tackle this is to drink plenty of fluids – water, fresh fruit juices, tender coconut water, butter milk and electrolyte in order to keep the body hydrated and cool,” said Dr Naga Nischal, Chief of Medical Services, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru.
“Paani  To Police is an initiative by Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru, in association with 93.5 Red FM, to thank the police personnel for their  tireless service  provided to the community 24*7at large.  For the next five days we will cover the length and breadth of the city and ensure that all our police personnel stay hydrated. However, I urge all  Mysureans to keep the spirit of ‘Paani to Police’ alive through the scorching  summer months.
“If a policeman is on duty under the sun adjacent to your house or workplace,  do not hesitate to offer him a bottle of water or a glass of butter milk,” said Dr Viju Rajan,  General Manager,  Columbia Asia Hospital.
“This is a great initiative. The police personnel are always on duty be it under the sun or rain. Summer is the toughest of times for them with many falling prey to strokes and dehydration. Their main challenge is to keep themselves hydrated and to stay fit. Columbia Asia Hospital has set the  example, and we hope several other corporate organisations will follow this to make it better for those police professionals who serve you relentlessly,” said B  Dayananda, City Police Commissioner.

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