‘Padasamskruti’ by Akashavani Mysuru from November 1

Mysuru, October 30:- “Akashavani Mysuru is broadcasting ‘Padasamskruti’ programme in association with Kannada and Culture Department from November 1,” said Assistant Director of Akashavani Mysuru H Srinivas at a press meet held at Akashavani (All India Radio) at Yadavagiri here on Tuesday.

“Usage of Kannada words are decreasing these days. Even students lack interest to use Kannada words. This programme will be broadcast from all 13 Akashavani centres of Karnataka at the same time, 6:45 am to 6:55 am. This programme aims at introducing rare Kannada words to the listeners. The programme has a scheduled time of 10 minutes, in which 8 minutes will be given to language experts who will provide information to listeners. The first part (20 seconds) introduces 2 Kannada worlds, their meaning and the way they have to be used in a sentence. This programme introduces several rare Kannada words that are not being used extensively,” he said.

“In the second part (30 seconds), the grammatical mistakes that take place during conversation and the trouble caused by wrong pronunciations. The 3rd part (3 minutes for song and 3 minutes for explanation) broadcasts a song. And the explanation of the song also includes any special word hidden in that song and how it is rightly used in the song,” he added.

“Hariyanarasida Vaniteyaru, a special programme will be broadcast from November 2. It introduces ‘keerthanas’ written by women. Keerthanas of 13 women have been selected for 14 episodes. The programme will be broadcast at 8:30 am every Friday,” he added.

Joint Director of Kannada and Culture Department Mallikarjuna Swamy, chief of Akashavani centre Sunil Bhatia and others were present. (HN, NGB)

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