Pak-trained terror module’s sinister ‘hit the economy hard’ plan

Prime News, National (New Delhi), September 17:- In a shocking revelation during the interrogation, the recently arrested terrorists told Delhi Police that they were trained to carry out bomb blasts during the festival season to damage India’s economy. The two terrorists were identified as Zeeshan and Osama.

With a motive to damage India’s economy, they were asked to target big private factories, private warehouses, big showrooms, shops, etc as festival season is around the corner.

Two of the accused were getting instructions from Pakistan’s ISI. They were asked to conduct recce of suitable locations in different places in India for planting IEDs.

Pakistan’s ISI had hired some people on a contractual basis in Muscat for training these boys from India and other countries in the name of jihad, it was learnt. They were being paid for this job every month.

They were trained in a hard-core terrorist training camp in multiple shifts. During the training, in one shift, a cleric used to show some deceptive videos of jihad and atrocities on a particular community to Zeeshan and Osama. People associated with weapon training used to come in one shift while those having expertise in making explosives used to come in the other shift.

According to the Delhi Police, the passports of both the terrorists were not stamped and they had taken the sea route and had entered through Gwadar Port. They also used a motorboat while en route to Pakistan from Oman, they said.

The investigation also revealed that the planning was similar to the 1993 Mumbai blasts. People from different locations were supposed to meet after conducting recces in different locations. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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