Pakistan assessment finds seething anger in religious journals over situation of Uyghurs Muslims in China

Prime News, International (New Delhi), July 31:- Growing discontentment and religious journals seething with anger are what authorities in Pakistan have found when they tried to gauze public mood on the atrocities against Uyghurs by Chinese govt in the restive western province of Xinjiang. An assessment was done to get a first-hand view on the issue which is now getting increased global spotlight as evidence comes to light overuse of brutal force by China in the province.

The main objective of the Pakistani assessment was to manage the reaction and control any overt activity that may cause embarrassment for both Pakistan and China on the Uyghur issue. The study noted the treatment of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang has especially impacted religious opinion in Pakistan with a number of journals covering the development.

In one issue of monthly Ishraq from Lahore dated January 2020, a comment by its patron Javed Ahmed Ghamidi while mentioning about the right to seek refuge gave an example of “persecution of Muslims in China”. In an article in weekly Ahl-E-Hadith from Lahore in February of 2020 mentions about state policies of China against its Muslim population and compares it with the severity of Israeli actions against the Palestinians.

Discussing Xinjiang in the context of atrocities against Muslims globally has been as a common pattern among religious journals, the assessment finds. The editorial of monthly Mohaddis from Lahore in the month of February 2020 commented that Muslims in Xinjiang are living a hard life with Muslim majority decreasing from 94% in 1948 to 48% with they being “forced to abandon Islam”.

An article in the same monthly on page 24 equated “national interest considerations” forcing Pakistan to be silent on “concerns about Muslims in China”  something that also led Islamabad “to facilitate the US against Afghanistan in 2001”. In November 2019, Mohaddis had shared its concerns over restrictions in Xinjiang on Muslims growing beard and this undermining of Islamic symbols becoming the new normal. The same issue was raised by monthly Peyam published from Islamabad in the same month, last year. Al Burhan article of October 2019 while writing about the issue highlighted that there are sanctions over fasting in the month of Ramzan.

2 exclusive articles in 2 religious journals during the time period of the study done by authorities map the detailed life in the Chinese province.  (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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