Pakistan can’t play both ways, curbing terrorism and helping terror groups: US Senator



Coming down hard on Pakistan, US Senator Mark Warner has slammed Islamabad for indulging in double speak on the issue of terrorism.

Pakistan can’t play both ways, on one hand talking about curbing terrorism and on the other helping terror groups infiltrate into India, said Warner.

Talking tough, the Senator said one of the US General in Afghanistan, expressed concern over safe havens for terrorists in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, a report compiled by a dozen US think-tanks and universities has suggested that designating Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism is unwise in the first year of the Donald Trump administration, but should be kept as an option for the longer term.

The report advises the Trump administration to “state up front that it intends to review the intelligence on Pakistani involvement in supporting terror much more critically than its predecessors”, reports the Dawn.

The report urges the Trump administration to “avoid viewing and portraying Pakistan as an ally and to deal with it as a non-ally, which has engaged in supporting the Afghan Taliban. Advising the new administration on how to deal with Pakistan, they argue: “As a first step, the US must warn Pakistan that its status as a Major Non-Nato Ally is in serious jeopardy.

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