Pakistan fears India getting ready for water warfare through dams

Prime News, International (Islamabad), August 7:- For years, there has been rampant and widespread opposition within Pakistan to the construction of Kalabagh Dam (KBD) on Indus river in the country’s Punjab province. From locals in the Mianwali District to even politicians with considerable clout, criticism has been severe.

Yet, the caretaker government here has somehow managed to turn the attention towards India, indirectly pointing at the country for stoking the flames.

Pakistan-based Dawn recently quoted the country’s caretaker minister for water resources as saying that there could be a foreign hand in the opposition to KBD. His reason? “Anti-KBD conferences and protests organised in foreign countries appear better organised than the ones within Pakistan.”

Speaking to members of the press, Ali Zafar then pointed an accusatory finger at India and said that several dam projects across the border have been in violation of water treaties signed in the past. The Kishanganga Hydropower Project was in for specific criticism. This despite the World Bank denying Pakistan’s call for the court of arbitration. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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