Palace Board sets up electronic parking management system

Set up at an estimated cost of Rs 26 lakh, DC C Shikha said that the move was to streamline the ticket collecting process

 In a bid to address the complaints from tourists of excess fee collection at the parking lot at the premises of Amba Vilas Palace, the Mysore Palace Board has installed an electronic parking management system to put an end to the manual fee collection. The fee collection counter is functional from today and those parking their vehicles were given computer-generated receipts.

Speaking to mediapersons after inaugurating the ticket counter, Deputy Commissioner C Shikha said that there were complaints from the tourists that they were charged excessively for the parking. There were also reports of disparity in parking rates. The issue will be solved with the computer-generated receipts as there would no scope for any irregularity.

The ticket counter and the electronically-operated gate were installed at a cost of Rs 26 lakh to streamline the process.
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Explaining about the ticket counter she said that vehicle’s registration number and the time it entered the parking lot would be entered into the computer and a receipt would be generated. The parking hours would be calculated at the exit gate and the amount would be collected.

“To bring transparency in the ticket rates, boards with rates will be installed on the entrance as well as the exit,” she said.

The rates decided on hourly-basis for cycle is Rs 5, Rs 10 for motorcycles, Rs 20 for tempos and mini bus and Rs 30 for cars and Rs 60 for buses, Shikha added.

Asked on what measures the District Administration would take to ensure the vehicles are not parked on the road outside the parking lot, Shikha said that she would communicate regarding it with the traffic police to ensure that there should be no hindrance to the movement of vehicles on road.

Ground-breaking ceremony for construction of shops  

As many as 20 shops at the premises of the palace facing south would be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 1.5 crore to facilitate government, quasi government and cooperative society shops. The ground-breaking ceremony was performed by DC C Shikha and Krishnaraja constituency MLA M K Somashekhar, on Friday.

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