Palace photo shoot: Deputy Director to be suspended

The controversial pre-wed­ding photo shoot inside the Mysuru Palace seems to be reaching a logical conclusion as a departmental enquiry and suspension has been or­dered against Mysore Palace Board Deputy Director T S Subramanya for dereliction of duty and misconduct.

The decision has been taken on 17-06-2016 at a high level meeting of the State Chief Secretary Ar­avind Jadhav who is also the President of the Mysuru Palace Board and Mysuru Deputy Commissioner C Shikha who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the My­suru Palace Board.

The meeting took place in Bengaluru and City To­day has the copy of the pro­ceedings signed by Chief Secretary Aravind Jadhav and Mysuru Deputy Com­missioner C Shikha.

According to highly placed sources in the government, the suspension order – though not issued yet on the Palace Board Deputy Director T S Subramanya — would be is­sued soon after the wed­ding ceremonies of Yadu­veer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar and Trishika Kumari. The main wedding ceremony will take place on Monday, June 27.

The meeting proceed­ings mention that the pho­to shoot (of Aditya with his fiancée Navyatha shot by Hyderabad-based photogra­pher Venkataramana) inside the palace was permitted by Subramanya in violation of the rules and regulations. The explanation given by the offi­cer regarding the photo shoot was not convincing, the meet­ing observed.


Examining the photo shoot clippings and the vid­eos shot both inside and outside the Mysuru Palace, the meeting observed that the photos and videos could not have been taken in a hur­ry and elaborate planning would require for the shoot. The officers felt that profes­sional photographers were hired for the job and it was for commercial purposes.

A minimum of 2 to 3 hours would be required for the pho­to shoot and the bride and the bridegroom had changed dif­ferent dresses for the same, the meeting observed. The Palace Board President and the Chief Executive Officer have taken into consideration the statements given by the Palace Security Police In­spector and Head Constable recorded on 04-06-2016 that the permission for the photo shoot came from the office of the Deputy Director.

The meeting observed that carrying out day-to-day ad­ministration of the palace was the responsibility of the Deputy Director and his role was clear in allowing the photo shoot. A police probe headed by the Deputy Commissioner of Po­lice was underway and it was necessary to safeguard docu­ments, CCTV recordings and other evidence for the investi­gation. The officers felt that the immediate suspension of T S Subramanya was required for the police to carry out impartial investigation.


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