Panchayat Raj should be strengthened, says SFC president

In order to strengthen the local panchayat raj bodies, a master plan will be formed and it will be recommended to the state government, said 4th State Finance Commission president S J Chinnaswamy.  He also said that the officials are visiting 22 districts of the state to discuss the future plans with various local body leaders.

Speaking at the meeting between the officials held at the taluk panchayat premises, he said that the local bodies should help in the development of the rural people. In order to strengthen the local bodies, a state- wide visit has been taken up to gather information from different sectors, he said.

BSP Taluk Panchayat member Y K Nagaraju said that there are a lot of problems in Yalandur region. Backward class people are in majority in this area. “It’s our responsibility as elected representatives to bring upon a change in the society and develop it for good.”

Shashidar, Amarnath, Madesh, Padmavathi, Venkatesh, Pallavi, Sharadamba, Siddaraju, Dr Premkumar, Chandramauli and others were present on the occasion.

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