Parent Craft webinar for soon-to-be-mothers organised at Columbia Asia Hospital

Mysuru, December 28:- Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in every woman’s life which needs a lot of care and guidance. Keeping this in mind Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru, organised a Parent Craft webinar for soon-to-be mothers on Saturday (December 26) from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Parent Craft is a comprehensive programme organised to provide information and guidance required for a healthy pregnancy and motherhood. This was an interactive session where the doctors provided the necessary information for the soon-to-be mothers for a healthy pregnancy period and successful delivery. Guidance on labour analgesia, exercise-routine, diet advice, live recipes for a healthy diet were also discussed as part of this session.

Talking at the session, Dr Veena K, Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru, said “Every woman needs to enjoy the experience of childbirth. We have designed this special programme for soon-to-be-mothers where-in we discuss topics like healthy pregnancy and the measures to achieve it. Pregnant women should be extra careful about what they eat during pregnancy-period in-order to fulfil the additional nutritional requirements of the mother and baby. Also, helping them to understand the importance of exercise will also lead to easy and safe delivery.”

Dr Madhura Phatak, Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru, said “Mostly pregnant women are concerned about the labour pains and coping with it. With the advancement in the medical field today, labour pain can be minimised to an extent to ensure a painless delivery. Discussion about the new techniques also gives insights to soon-to-be mothers about the delivery procedures.”

Dr Chethan B, Consultant, Neonatology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru, said “A newborn can bring a host of exciting activities in a mother’s life. Along with this happiness comes the responsibility of caring for the newborn. Though this is a challenging task, it becomes manageable with the right advice. It is important for the soon-to-be mothers to understand the importance of breastfeeding, handling, and caring for the baby, their medical emergencies and daily activities to handle the baby well and cherish the moments.”

Most of the soon-to-be mothers spoke about their experience and asked questions during this interactive session. The common questions pregnant women and their family members posed were what they should eat and what type of exercise they should follow during their pregnancy period, how should breastfeeding be done, the risks involved in labour analgesia and so on. (MR)

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