Parents need love, not isolation in our society: Mayor Pushpalatha Jagannath

World Mothers' Day observed by Pathi Foundation; inmates of Bharathi Seva old age home felicitated

Mysuru, May 15:- Pathi Foundation observed World Mothers’ Day by organising ‘Janani Janmabhumi’ programme at Bharathi Seva old age home at Kanakagiri here on Wednesday.

Mayor Pushpalatha Jagannath felicitated the elderly inmates of the old age home.

“Even if we hold a higher position in our society, the credit surely goes to our parents who have been behind our success story. Hence, we should not forget our parents who have given us the best of everything since childhood,” she added.

“Parents are the real God. We should always remember our parents who looked after us with love. It is not right to leave our parents at old age homes. This happens when we don’t follow the culture of our land,” Pushpalatha Jagannath said

“Mothers’ Day is not limited to a single day. It is a day to celebrate a mother giving birth to a child. There may be bad fathers, but not bad mothers. The government has to introduce a policy so that the children will look after their aged parents. The role of parents is important in shaping the culture of a child. Good culture should be inculcated in children at primary school level. No wealth in the world can replace a mother,” said D T Prakash of District Brahmins’ Association.

“A soldier, farmer and mother are very important in everyone’s life. As people get to higher positions in life, they start neglecting their parents. Everything is valued with money. They leave their parents at the old age homes when in fact they need love and affection from the grown up children. Many of the parents are deprived love from their children,” said former corporator M D Parthasarathy.

Elai Alvar seer of Vengipura Mutt, manager of old age home Krishnamurthy, Tejas Shankar of Maharshi Educational Institution, Chakrapani, Vikram Iyengar and others were present. (KS, NGB)

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