Parents overwhelmed by children’s talent at Rangayana summer camp

As a respite from the scorching heat during the day, children rejoiced in the rains on Monday evening at the inaugural function of Anikethana Theatre Fest being organised as part of a monthlong summer camp by Rangayana at Vanaranga in the city.

Spreading the universal human values, hundreds of children chorused with poem ‘0 nanna chethana’ written by renowned poet Kuvempu. The event was formally inaugurated by Thaarini Chidananda Gowda, daughter of Kuvempu, by reading the poem and thereafter the children too sang in rhythm.

Speaking on the occasion, Rangayana director H Janardhan called upon the parents to send their children for training in drama emphasising that involvement in theatre arts enhances the children’s personality and promotes them in fast learning by understanding minor mistakes experienced on a daily basis. He further said that plays help children to take the task in a sportive manner, thus boosting their confidence level and to overcome pressure on studies. “Parents should allow children to nurture their personality in their chosen field.”

Wildlife conservation and human value-oriented plays including `Gilirajana Kathe’ and `Daana Dangura’ was performed by children.

Expressing satisfaction, one of the parents reacted, saying “I never expected that my child had such great talent to present a long dialogue in an effective way. “It’s amazing that the mentors at Rangayana have unearthed the hidden talents among children. It would benefit the children to a great extent if the same methods were adopted in curriculum so that children can study subjects with ease.”

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