Paris climate deal: Song of dying swan

The singular credit for conceiving and championing the Nuclear Security Summits unarguably goes to US President Barack Obama. In 2009, he called nuclear terrorism one of the greatest threats and initiated global dialogue. The first summit was held in 2010, when about 50 world leaders drew the Washington Work Plan to contain, prevent and counter nuclear terrorism by better protecting nuclear radiating sources from theft and misuses. The unique feature of the fourth and last NSS on April 1 was not that it was taking place a few months before Obama says goodbye to his tenure, nor was it taking place at the backdrop of deadly terror attacks in Paris, Brussels and Lahore.
It is not even that the threat of ‘dirty N-bombs’ is looming large due to non-state IS army and unending intimidation by a state actor, North Korea. The most harrowing backdrop of the NSS, ironically, is the impending threat of ‘runaway’ climate change. The perils of dirty carbon bombs are now more deadly than dirty nuclear bombs.

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