Parivara and Talavara communities are synonymous with Nayaka community: Devaraj T Katur

Mysuru, June 3:- “Parivaar and Talavara communities are synonymous with Nayaka community but are nothing to do with Ambiga community,” said the state president of Karnataka Rajya Nayakara Yuvasene, Devaraja T Katur at a press meet held at Mysuru Press Club on Tuesday.

“Deputy Chief Minister and Social Welfare Minister Govind Karjol had told that Talavara community becoming ST helps Ambiga community and asked the community members to enroll their caste as Talavara instead of Ambiga. We oppose this statement of the minister. He is a senior leader and worked hard to come up in politics. He comes from a backward community and has not done caste politics in his political career. But his recent statement has generated confusion. We don’t know whether he has stated that due to lack of knowledge or with political intentions. If he doesn’t have information, he could have contacted the Girijana Research Centre regarding Parivara and Talavara communities. The gazette notification clearly states why Parivara and Talavara communities are titled as Scheduled Tribe,” he said.

“Central government has announced Parivara and Talavara communities as ST due to continuous demand of Valmiki Gurupeetha, politicians and various organisations since 36 years. Parivara and Talavara communities belong to ST as Nayaka, Naik, Beda and Valmiki communities. If Govind Karjol keeps giving such statements, he will get a similar treatment that Siddaramaiah got. Siddaramaiah lost the election and lost relevance in state politics. Caste comes with birth. Not by writing what one wishes to write,” he added.

Dyavappa Nayaka of Nayakara Hitarakshana Vedike, Prabhakar Hunsur and Channa Nayaka were present. (MR/KS)

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