Parivarthana to stage Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen tomorrow

City-based Parivarthana theatre troupe, in association with Kalasuruchi, will stage Copenhagen, a play by Michael Frayn on August 4 and 5. The show will begin at 6:45 pm at Sriranga, Rangayana. On August 6 at 11 am, the play will be staged at Vidya Vikasa Institutions and in the evening, the play will be staged at 6:45 pm at Suruchi Rangamane.

The play has been translated to Kannada by Shashidhar Dongre. A documentary on nuclear physics and the making of the nuclear bomb will be screened at the venue to help audience get familiar with the text of the play.

Copenhagen speculates on what might have transpired during a meeting between Nobel laureates Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in Copenhagen in September 1941, at the height of the German advance into Russia and just three months before America’s entry into the war.


The power of National Socialist Germany was at its pinnacle, and the Germans had just been made aware, through Swedish sources, of US plans to build an atomic bomb.

The meeting was at Heisenberg’s behest. As Germany’s leading theoretical physicist and head of the German Uranium Club, the organ which would assess the possible war uses of nuclear energy, he was the man best situated to advise his government on the creation of an atomic bomb.

The set resembles a university physics seminar, with about two dozen members of the audience arranged in a semicircle around the circular centre stage, as though participating in the seminar or sitting in judgment at a tribunal.

The action of the play encompasses the initial meeting of the two physicists in Copenhagen in 1941, another encounter in 1947, and finally an imagined meeting that takes place after all three characters have died.

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