Parochial intellectuals creating intolerance in society: RSS leader

Veteran RSS leader Dr Kaladka Prabhakar Bhat expressed his dissatisfaction over intellectuals who keep harping about intolerance in the country which does not exist.
He was speaking at the Hindu Samajothsava organised by Vishwa Hindu Parishat and Bajrang Dal at Hinkal Sunday evening.

Addressing the gathering he wondered if the killing of Hindus in Godhra, Pandits in Kashmir and recent incidents in Assam and West Bengal did not amount to violence.

While atrocities on non-Hindus amount to violence what about the violence unleashed on the Hindus? Our so-called intellectuals raise their voice if a writer is killed, why have they kept mum over the murder of RSS leader Raju and Prashanth Pujari of Moodabidri? If they really believe in non-violence, then they should value every individual’s life. They are manipulating the situation and terming it as intolerance. Now chanting the slogans of Vande Mataram is also amounts to violence, he added.

Further he said that Hinduism was open to all regions and promoted the message of well-being of all.
Moreover, schools and orphanages run by other religions indulge in conversion there is no mention of it. In such a scenario, why every act of those who believe in Hinduism is questioned. It is people with such parochial mind set who are creating unrest in the society, he added.

He further accused writer Bhagwan of being ignorant about Bhagavad Gita and indulging in instigating by creating false stories.

Sri Durdandeshwara Trinethra Shivayogi Swamiji said in the name of caste, the Hindu religion has been divided. It is our responsibility to unite Hindu community and strive for their wellbeing irrespective of caste and status.

Somanatha Swamiji, Sri Shivasugnana Theertha Swamiji, RSS South Zoe convenor M Venkataram, Dr Vaman Bhapat, N K Rajendra Babu, Manoj Kumar and others were present.

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