Part-time and guest lecturers stage protest; seek job protection

Mysuru, January 4:- The association of part-time and guest lecturers of Government First Grade Colleges in the city staged a protest in front of CADA office on Thursday.

Permanent lecturers are getting a salary of Rs 45,000 to Rs 1,55,000. Guest faculty, who are equally qualified are getting only Rs 11,000 to Rs 13,000 though they work for 8 hours a week. The government had said that jobs of part-time and guest lecturers could not be regularised. However, the government had assured to provide a monthly salary of Rs 30,000 considering their service and age, and make it 16 hours work in a week as followed in University of Mysore.

K Somashekhar, S Swamy, P M Mahesh, M S Krishnamurthy, Nagarjun and others were present.

-(HN, NGB)

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