Parties can’t take voters for granted these days


Pradyu M

By Pradyu M

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by the BJP, and the Congress has a lot of lessons to learn from the recently held various state elections. A little bit of overconfidence and assertiveness matters regarding the handling and meddling of economics, fuel price rise, and the way the pandemic was handled have clearly jolted the strong NDA juggernaut in states like West Bengal and rejected them either fully or partially in states such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The results were not like what the NDA expected. They have to urgently stitch up the tears as the results obviously show that the voters are keenly observing every movement of the government.

The ruling party will have to fulfill the hopes and promises given by them to the people on a war-footing. They ought to prove that the strong leadership at the helm is ready to serve the people rather than rhetorics and promises repeated again and again especially in the present challenging times. Arranging mighty rallies and meetings, showcasing and pitting film superstars and candidates from other fields, and approaching the commoners only during elections will not work. The party at the Centre should also understand that the pulse of the people has to be felt time and again. If people are ignored, definitely they will ignore those who ignored them. As for the Congress, a strong helmsman and a panel of trustworthy, hardworking, out-of-the-box thinking leaders is the need of the hour.

The poll result, especially in Kerala, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu show that people are ready to support if they find leaders and their parties of a particular alliance are united and ready to voice for the commoners. The poll results also show that the voters are no more the ones who were gullible, easy-to-be exploited type and a could- be-beguiled lot but have taken to serious thinking before casting the vote. They definitely keep in mind those who help and support them during crises. All other political allegations and issues are disregarded by the common man when it comes to getting a helping hand. The grand victory by the Pinarayi Vijayan-led LDF in Kerala and the excellent win by the Al India Trinamool Congress (AITC) in Bengal and the triumphant return of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) to power in Tamil Nadu shows this. Voters have started to show their likes and dislikes and that too diligently while choosing their candidate.

(The writer is a regular contributor to City Today)

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