Party is priority, not CM’s post: Ashok Gehlot

Prime News, National (Jaipur), December 8:-Anticipating the victory of Congress in the Rajasthan assembly elections after receiving favourable decisions in the exit polls, senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot on Friday said that he would love to work at whatever position the “high command” in the party will decide for him, adding that he is not keeping the Chief Minister post as his priority.

Gehlot, who has been the Chief Minister of Rajasthan two times earlier, is reportedly the frontrunner for the Congress party`s chief ministerial candidate alongside Sachin Pilot.

Responding to the same, Gehlot told ANI: “My wishes do not make a difference here. In my life, there is no priority with respect to any post now. Now people need Congress. How will we make Congress a strong party? We currently have 21 seats in Rajasthan assembly and 44 seats in Lok Sabha. Our responsibility right now should be that rather than running behind or demanding a particular post, we should work on whatever position the party will decide for us so that the party can gain from it. Given the position at which Congress currently stands, it will be good to see how we can raise the party flag in the country.”

“I will continue to serve the people of Rajasthan at any position. There is no weight in BJP`s campaigning. They announced the chief ministerial candidates during elections in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Haryana also. The Chief Minister candidate will be announced by the party high command after looking at what the MLAs and local people want. Since Independence, Congress has never revealed it before elections. BJP is making an issue out of this, but it`s not correct,” he added.

Besides being confident of Congress` victory in the state, Gehlot stated that he won`t be surprised if they win close to 150 seats. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).


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