Passion key to success: DC Shikha

 “Without passion success is impossible,” said Deputy Commissioner C Shikha here on Tuesday.
She was speaking after inaugurating the International Women’s Day organised by Maharani Women’s Arts College at its premises.

Addressing the students she said that throughout history, women have made extraordinary contributions to their societies. Some are well-known, some remain unsung heroes, but all have been trail blazers.
“We constitute 50 % of the country’s population and no state can progress without contribution from half of its population. Today, we have been working in all walks of life and on par with men. Thus, the contribution of women cannot be overlooked,” she added.
Further she said that as a student you should remember that there was no shortcut to success and the only way was hard work.

She urged students to have a planned routine, get up early, read newspapers and plan the whole day as per one’s priories.
“To be successful in life you have to have a passion, set your goal, overcome your weaknesses and chase it. Time management is the key. The government is also coming up with career guidance programmes which can be made use of. Nowadays with the stress on zero size, students are too obsessed with diet. Take proper nutritious food otherwise one cannot be receptive to learning in class. One should focus on healthy food and it this is made into a habit, the same will be passed on to one’s children,” noted the deputy commissioner.
To mark the event Bhagyamma a folk singer from T Narasipura and Naati Vaidye Jade Madamma were felicitated on the occasion.

Principal of Maharani Women’s Arts College Prof M Purushottham, Secretary Dr N Krishnamurthy, President of Cultural Forum Kavya T and others were present.
Blurb: Deputy Commissioner C Shikha highlighting the contribution of the women folk in all streams of the society noted that their work can only be neglected at one’s peril.

 Deputy Commissioner C Shikha, Principal of Maharani Women’s Arts College Prof M Purushottham, and Teacher Treasurer Prof M Nethravathi felicitate Bhagyamma and Jade Madamma on the occasion of International Women’s Day celebrations organised by Maharani Women’s College on Tuesday.

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