Pay tax or face action: Mayor

The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) has made its intentions clear to crack down on tax defaulters.

At a drive launched on Wednesday, the MCC has decided to continue with the annulated tax collection as it is now burdened with mounting expenses and operational costs.

Launching revenue tax collection drive on Wednesday, Mayor B L Bhyrappa warned that those who fail to pay revenue tax in time have to face disconnection of water to their houses. “Corporation has the authority and power to cut water connections under Essential Commodities Act.”

He said the water charges and property tax are the main sources of MCC’s internal revenue and have been contributing to the total revenue receipts. Though Mysuru named as cleanest city twice, the revenue collection has been dull. “Tax generated by public is the main source of Income for MCC. In this direction, we have launched a month- long tax collection drive, wherein the zonal officers will send notices to tax defaulters as a warning. Public can pay tax in full or part. “If they fail to do so, water connection to the building will be cut off without a second thought.

Initially, we are focussing on citizens who have not payed tax up to Rs 1 lakh and above. It will be simultaneously extended to all the zones in the city.  It has come to our notice that shop owners near heritage buildings are taking advantage, saying that the building was given to them by the royal family ad are paying less. Now, it will be mandatory for them also to pay tax amount mentioned in the Corporation Act.”

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