‘Pedda Gimpal’ play based on ‘Gimpel the Fool’ tomorrow

A group of software engineers will present Kannada play ‘Pedda Gimpal’ based on ‘Gimpel the Fool’ (1953) a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer. It tells the story of Gimpel, a simple bread maker who is the butt of many of his town’s jokes. It also gives its name to the collection first published in 1957.The play will be staged by Intimate Theatre at 6.30pm at Kalamandir on July 17 and will be directed by Prashanth Mysuru and has been written by O L Nagabhushan Swamy.Gimpel is the narrator and quasi hero of the story which is Singer’s best-known and most widely anthologised short story, and one of the most perplexing characters in modern literature. New York Times explains the character in these lines: “When the townspeople of Frampol tell Gimpel that the Czar is coming to their forlorn little village, he instantly believes it.

When they tell him his parents have risen from the grave, Gimpel throws on his wool vest to look for them. Whatever story his neighbours come up with, no matter how wildly improbable, Gimpel accepts it at face value. “I had seven names in all: imbecile, donkey, flax-head, dope, glump, ninny and fool,” says the notably self-aware Gimpel. “The last one stuck.”Through clever characterisation, underlying symbolism, and an in-depth point of view, the short story clearly reinforces the age-old concept that repentance, along with good deeds, will ultimately be rewarded in time. Gimpel’s whole-hearted yet gullible characterization weaves an important pattern in the story’s meaning.

Director Prashanth Mysuru, says: “Majority of people in the society who are considered as elite class may be well educated. However, the way they treat innocent persons is a matter of concern. They tease innocent minds and their immaturity. The short story highlights such issues. I selected the short story for the play because I wanted to highlight the emotions of all human beings irrespective of their physical and mental calibre,” he said.Through comedy, the play highlights human values and at the same time it also shows the deficiency of people in understanding emotions of people. The intention of the play is not just to make people laugh but at the same time I want them to realise that they must respect all human beings,”

Artists on the screen: Arun Shetty as Senior Gimpel, Thejeswar B R Davanagere as Junior Gimpel, Ashwini J B as Elca, Dr D S Guru as Rubby, Siddharth Sagar Davanagere as Anaile, Jayakeerthi H V as Chaskel, John as Benish, Yamini Ponnappa Puliyanda as Izer, Jayanth K Gowda as Echel, Bharath Kumar V as Yidel.Off the screen in technical stream including music, lighting and art design are Naveen Nethaji, Ashok Rajashekar, Ranganath Rangayana, Yamini Ponnappa Puliyanda, Honnappa Shekar, Sathish Ponnachi, Abhishek D Raghunath, Mahesh Kallatthi, Siddharth Sagar, Praveen Tiptur, Thejeswar B R, Jayakeerthi H V and others.

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