PEECEE to earn 100 crores in 40 days

Priyanka Chopra, would soon return to India for a period of 40 days, and is all set to to shoot for advertising commercials in a stretch. It is reported that the actress has signed a mind blowing 100 Crore deal with close to 24 brands. Yes, the amount is whopping and so are the ad campaigns. These 40 days in India would be very hectic for PeeCee as she has to cover quite a lot of commercials and photo shoots.

Priyanka Chopra has signed for 24 advertising campaigns and all of these would be shot in the span of her 40 days visit to India. The leading daily estimated that she would be raking in 100 Crores through these campaigns and big brands are shelling out huge amounts of money on the actress.

A leading fruit juice brand has offered a staggering 6 Crores as paycheck to advertise their drink, and several other brands are following suit. Priyanka Chopra, is cashing in on her success in Hollywood and brands are making good use of her stardom, which can be reached & recognized all across the country.

The Baywatch star, had plans to come to India as a holiday for 40 days, and things suddenly turned into work as she started receiving offeres from several big brands. As the amount started going off the roof, PeeCee decided the holiday in India will be for some other time, and of course who would like to reject a 100 Crores deal in the span of 40 days? Nobody right!

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