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HoverSeat was developed to address safety issues regarding the hoverboard by creating an attachment that makes the hoverboard more accessible to all users – regardless of age or ability. Have you ever wanted one of those fancy hoverboards but have no balance? You want to be safe but also cool; the all new HoverSeat is for you! It delivers the same awesome self-propelled transportation while letting you relax. Now your hoverboard is comfortable and versatile; you can carry stuff or even tow a kayak placed on a second HoverSeat! You can even add handles for users who may have weaker legs.

Rs 5363.19


Broadcast – World’s First Touch Enabled T-shirt

The Broadcast t-shirt is a programmable LED t-shirt that can display any slogan you want using your smartphone. The Broadcast t-shirt is a revolutionary digital t-shirt allows you to customize your slogan and image as often as you like. It’s the first wearable that will help you break the boundaries of your digital creativity. It consists of tiny LEDs that connect with the accompanying app to give you complete control over what you wish to say. Designs can be changed as many times as you want. Let the world know what you are feeling, from blue to exuberant! You can also share the designs with the Broadcast community if you wish to. In case you’re wondering whether that entire tech makes this T-shirt washable or not, it’s 100% waterproof and completely washable. A perfect everyday wearable with an added LED spark!

Rs 4005.42


EveryWear Jacket

At the office and in your free time. While commuting or traveling. Caught in the rain or lost in the dark. EveryWear Jacket is classy yet casual, ideal for cycling, riding a scooter or a motorcycle in town, living the city life or simply enjoying the company of your friends in style. The EveryWear Jacket is stylish or casual at your choice for a perfect look in any situation. With a detachable hood and hidden buttons, high neck collar and a rubber band to transform the thigh length into a waist length, you can always choose between 4 different configurations to adapt your style to the various demands of urban life.

Rs 10386.93


Enflux – The World’s First Motion Capture Clothing

Introducing Enflux, the world’s first motion capture clothing. Covering you from the neck down, Enflux analyzes the form of your entire body to help you train, improve, and prevent injuries while lifting. The shirt and pants are revolutionary as they’re embedded with ten tiny motion sensors throughout the arms, torso, and legs. The sensors communicate with the companion app to keep you informed about your form. Made of a polyester and Spandex blend, the Enflux wearables have four-way stretch with anti-odor features and are even machine washable. The sensors, which also monitor your heart rate and O2 levels, are powered with a battery that will last up to two weeks. With each sensor just the size of a dime, the Enflux system is seamlessly integrated into your workouts and lifting.

Rs 16904.22

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