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H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkelling Mask

Become a warrior of the water with the H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkelling Mask. Using some pretty advanced technology, this mask allows you to breath underwater as easily as if you were on land. Comprised of two parts, the snorkel piece remains above the water as you swim and explore while the actual mask gives you a clear view underwater. The built in air transport system provides you with an airway as opposed to holding any air itself. Amazingly, the H20 Ninja Mask doesn’t allow any water to seep in even when the snorkel portion is fully submerged in the water. Fitting anyone comfortably, the H20 Ninja Mask is the best way to get to know our planet below sea level.

Rs. 11086.26

UP&GO Aerial Camera

With UP&GO by your side, you will never have to worry about chasing around an aerial camera again. This aerial camera will take off from your hands, and land right back to your hands, going wherever you go and following you with ease. UP&GO features five professional camera movements so that your personal aerial videos can capture your remarkable life and make every second look incredible at the same time. UP&GO comes with a corresponding wearable tracker that works as a GPS device and comes loaded with pre-programmed camera movements. The tracker is waterproof and uses a long-lasting battery. UP&GO uses a two-way radio signal and GPS locators that are present in the tracker as well as the camera. This allows premium tracking without overly complicated technology to get in the way. There is no “loss of signal”, no adjusting your phone screen, etc. It’s simple and an ideal device you can fly.

Rs. 20089.65

Folk – Valek Rolling Pins

This wooden rolling pin is engraved with a beautiful Polish folk pattern. It embosses your cookies, pies, fondant perfectly with folky flowers. There are 70 patterns available! What an original way to decorate your pastry in just one moment! The roller is perfect to use with clay; you can use it to give texture to your pottery! It’s an excellent idea for a gift! It suits wedding, birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Christmas, so it is not only for bakers! Everything is made locally with love here in Poland.

Rs. 2217.25

CUFF – Lisa Smart Pendant Necklace

If you thought wearable tech doesn’t have anything to do with style, CUFF is going to make you reframe that statement. This is because it’s the first of wearable tech for women which can be accommodated with a fresh line of jewelry collection. It will help you stay safe and notified of any smartphone alerts that come your way with style. You can simply press your CUFF when you’re in danger and notify your CUFF network contacts immediately so that you get help as soon as possible. That’s what you can refer to as safety at the press of a button. Even if you put your phone away during a meeting or while at dinner, CUFF will keep you connected and notify you whenever there’s a call or a message. It’s not just one piece of jewelry but an entire collection you can mix and match with your style. Pretty ladies and fashionistas just got the wearable tech they always wanted.

Rs. 57109.43

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