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Smart Analog Instant Camera

I-1 Smart Analog Instant Camera (1)
Smart Analog Instant Camera

Love Polaroid but want to stay connected? Look no further than the I-1 Digital Instant Camera. With the largest update to the original photo format in over twenty years, the I-1 Camera can be used in manual mode to have control over the aperture, shutter speed, focal point, and flash just like a digital camera. Alternatively, you can use the remote trigger and self-timer as it connects to your smartphone. The I-1 enables you to do something the original Polaroid never did: you can use special effects using the mobile app to superimpose images, paint, and design with lighting and color techniques, and apply loads more digital elements to this analog environment thanks to a convenient Bluetooth connection. The film used for the I-1 is specially designed, so it’s cheaper and more energy efficient as it doesn’t require batteries. Do you prefer instant cameras over others?

Rs 23501.64


UpRight (1)

If you are going through posture problems, the one wearable tech that can help you sort it out is UpRight. The device can attach to your lower back and vibrates every time you slouch. By using it continuously, you’ll be able to achieve the ideal posture positions in a short span of time. Right posture is something you should be proud of, and UpRight takes you close towards achieving it on a regular basis. Whether it’s about being taller or more productive at work, UpRight can help you master it all from a tiny form factor. You just have to wear it for 15 minutes to an hour per day, and good posture will automatically come to you. If that’s still not satisfying enough, the corresponding mobile app will make sure you can track your individual needs with ease.

Rs 8726.07

Smart Rope

Smart Rope (1)
Smart Rope

Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that works with your smartphone. See your fitness data in mid-air as you workout, displaying jump count; calories burned, and interval training data right before your eyes. The purpose was to empower a classic workout device with technology. The 23 LEDs used will display your fitness data clearly even if you are in a brightly lit room. These LEDs will fire at different times as the rope rotates around you thus creating the appearance of single display floating in mid air. The 45-degree angle will allow you to hold the handles naturally thereby creating an ideal path for the rope to travel. There are two sets of two ball bearings in each handle that result in a silky smooth motion. What makes this rope one of a kind are the proprietary sensors that detect full 360-degree revolutions of the rope and track them as complete jumps. How cool does this smart rope concept sound to you?

Rs 4028.97

Sovaro Luxury Cooler

Sovaro Luxury Cooler (1)
Sovaro Luxury Cooler

Say goodbye to the large and clunky white coolers you’ve been dragging to the beach and say hello to the fashionable Sovaro Luxury Cooler. Made to last through every style and every season, this impressive cooler can resist temperatures of up to a whopping 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Using cork as the primary insulation inside and a polycarbonate exterior shell and lining, the Sovaro Luxury Cooler will keep all of your beverages and food items nice and cold. The Sovaro Luxury Cooler has luggage-style wheels as well as a handle for effortless transportation. Available in three capacities; 30-quart, 45-quart, and 70-quart; this cooler can hold 8, 10, or 18 bottles of wine upright, respectively. The lid of the Sovaro Luxury Cooler is held in place with friction hinges as well as a one-touch latch.

Rs 39953.92 

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