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Sony NW-WS410 Sports Walkman Series


This isn’t your mother’s Walkman. Introducing the Sony NW-WS410 Sports Walkman Series. Building on their original idea for portable music, this advanced system comfortably rests in your ears and connects behind your neck. Available with either 4GB or storage or 8GB of storage, the NS-WS410 Sports Series is both waterproof and dustproof to help motivate you through any sport, workout, or adventure. Take to the high seas to perfect your stroke or jam out while you shred the slopes. The NW-WS410 Sports Series conforms to your head with each wear, so they remain secure yet comfortable every step of the way no matter how much you sweat. Take your music everywhere with the Sony NW-WS410 Sports Walkman Series.

Rs 5352.09

BULLET X – Waterproof Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece + Charging Dock


The BULLETX is the first waterproof Bluetooth 4.1 earpiece + charging dock. It features waterproof level IPX7 + sweat-proof earpiece that works great on a rainy day or when working out. It also features CVC active noise reduction + echo suppression for crystal clear calls, and multi-point connectivity to be able to connect to 2 devices simultaneously while hands-free. The 500 mAh charging dock is a great carrying case for the earpiece and provides up to 6X full charge for the earpiece so re-charging is comfortable and convenient while on the go – you won’t have to plug it in or look for a wall outlet. The blue LED power indicator lights let you know how much power you have left, and the Charging Dock itself has unique lighting features to let you know when it’s time to re-charge, and when it is connected. The BULLETX’s lightweight earpiece is ergonomically designed for comfort and long term wear whether talking on the phone or listening to music. Even 007 would be jealous of this spy-worthy Bluetooth earpiece! The sleek modern design will impress even the most style conscious tech aficionados. Enjoy True Wireless Freedom with the BULLETX by Schatzii.

Rs 16727.36

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band


Maintain your activity and movement throughout the day with the Garmin Vivofit fitness band. This smart fitness band acts like a personal assistant, giving you all day reminders and motivation to get up and move. The compact screen conveniently displays the time and details of your activity but, if you haven’t moved in an hour, a red light will appear on the Move Bar. For each additional 15 minutes you aren’t active more lights will appear. Getting up being active, even just walking, will make the lights disappear. With this type of accountability, the Garmin Vivofit will have you moving throughout the day. This smart wearable will learn your activity habits and assign a fitness goal each morning. The band is comfortable and stylish, designed to be worn each day, and has a one-year battery life. The Garmin Vivofit is waterproof and also counts calories and tracks your sleep quality.

Rs 3342.13

AMPY MOVE – The World’s First Wearable Motion Charger


Get up, get moving, and charge your devices with AMPY MOVE, the world’s first wearable motion charger. It’s an ultra portable battery that can charge your device with your body’s movement. Using inductor technology, this clever charger turns kinetic energy into a power source for smartphones and wearables. AMPY MOVE gets the most energy out of up and down movement, but any activity will do. It has dual charging ports so you can charge your device and also plug AMPY MOVE into the wall if you have accessible power. Most importantly, AMPY MOVE is sweat proof and has a soft touch. One hour of exercise will give you an hour on your smartphone with normal use, 5 hours of standby time, and an incredible 24 hours for your smart watch. Get some motivation to start moving with AMPY MOVE.

Rs 5018.21

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