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Amazon Tap Bluetooth Speaker

You can now get convenience everywhere you go with the Amazon Tap Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa. Just like its predecessor, the Amazon Echo, this speaker comes with Alexa, the personal assistant. Simply tap a button and use the speaker along with your voice to control your music, your lights, order take out, and answer your questions like what the distance from the earth to the sun is (93 million miles). In addition to this unmatched convenience and control, the Amazon Tap packs in Dolby sound via dual 1.5-inch drivers for incredible audio. It sits 6.5 inches tall and just 2.5 inches wide and, weighing only a pound, is ideal for taking with you. The Amazon Tap recharges via the included microUSB cable and will last 9 hours for playback or on standby for three weeks.

Rs 8707.89

Rook – The Home Assistant that Flies

Control your house with a robot using Rook, the home assistant that flies. Equipped with a powerful built in camera, this drone is essentially a flying security device. Connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network, Rook can be managed and flown from anywhere, even if you’re not at home. Rook becomes your eyes and ears while you are out. Use it to make sure you turned off the stove or the iron, check on your kids when they arrive home from school, and even ensure Fido stays off the couch. Rook uses the app on your Smartphone to be intuitively controlled and provide a live feed of your home. Complete with four propellers, Rook can be flown with virtually any skill level, making it easy to monitor your home and get peace of mind while you’re away.

Rs 8641.57

Compatriot Stool

If you think your indoor seating could do with some change, why not try the Compatriot Stools. The name refers to the unique function of the stool which can truly add that extra spark to your home interiors any day. These stools won’t just act as extra chairs for your seating space but also symbolizes an amazing form of retro art. The base has been made of powder coated steel tubes while the seat has been constructed out of clear coated solid wooden oak. Regarding the seat, it has been glued together with three custom cut solid wood pieces. The white part of the stool is painted with the black eye making the entire setup stand out. All these stools are handmade and come in different colors such as black, white, yellow and blue. Your modern home definitely needs some!

Rs 46222.38

Flite Tree Tent

Sleep high off the ground and wake up with an incredible view with the Flite Tree Tent from Tentsile. Designed to fit up to two people comfortably, this tent easily attaches high up on trees to keep you safely off the ground as you sleep. The kit comes with a small ratchet and the entire unit is compact so it’s easy to carry on your journey. Now you can easily avoid the cold, hard, wet, and uneven ground while you’re camping as long as there are trees. Made with a lightweight polyester and nylon composite, the Flite Tree Tent is fully breathable. The 40 square foot floor area can sufficiently hold two adults and their gear with a total weight of up to 485 lbs. The Flite Tree Tent is available in five colors.

Rs 23446.13


Instantly correct your swimming technique and start mastering your strokes with Swimbot. Built as one of the first device to help swimmers master their sport, the Swimbot corrects your stroke instantaneously with sophisticated sounds. The device also includes 3D tutorials which teach you the perfect swimming technique. Swimbot has already been tested and backed by Olympic Champions, World Master Champion and professional triathletes who consider this device as a breakthrough concept in swimming training. In order to use it well, you need to follow 3 simple steps. At first, visualize our 3D tutorials and assimilate as well as retain the ideal stroke patterns. Then through your workout time, slip your Swimbot under your swim cap which will then use bone conduction technology, thus letting the earphones offer you comfort and high-quality sound. It analyzes each and every move you make and provides you with instant feedback via sophisticated sounds. After your workout is done, synchronize Swimbot with your Smartphone via Bluetooth, and share your progress with your friends! Swimming with perfection every day now becomes easier.

Rs 18020.03

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