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Nucleus – Touchscreen Tablet Intercom for Alexa

Nucleus – Touchscreen Tablet Intercom for Alexa

Introducing Nucleus, the Touchscreen Tablet Intercom for Alexa, the Android-powered system behind Amazon products such as Echo. Nucleus is the keystone to your smart home and enables you to communicate across the house with ease and convenience. Working as your virtual assistant, you can use the Nucleus Tablet to instruct Alexa to add items to your calendar or grocery list, play music, and even recite this week’s weather forecast. Nucleus is connected so it can be used to video call with others in your house as well as other households that have a Nucleus Tablet as well. It even has iOS and Android apps so you can continue to use the tablet while you’re out much like you would a baby or security monitor.

Rs 16643.15

Zencube Smart Himalayan Salt Lamp

Zencube Smart Himalayan Salt Lamp

Combine nature and technology to be the best you with the Zencube Smart Himalayan Salt Lamp. Coming in a sleek and modern design, this lamp connects to the app on your smartphone where you can control the color of the lamp to suit your mood. The stunning glow of the light through the Himalayan Salt is mesmerizing. Perfect for your office or home, the Zencube uses an energy-efficient LED bulb which produces negative ions into the air. This helps to balance the positive ions produced around us every day. This lamp brings balance to your life by improving your mood, enabling you to get better and more effective sleep, and reduce the radiation from everyday objects such as fluorescent lighting. All of these features mean the Zencube can alleviate stress and anxiety to improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Rs 8622.35

EnergyPod Napping Chair

EnergyPod Napping Chair

Ever wish you had your little haven for a catnap at work? Well, now you do. Introducing the EnergyPod Napping Chair by MetroNaps. This incredible chair was made for one purpose: 20-minute power naps. Looking futuristic with its domed top, this chair features a chaise lounge-style seat so you can put your feet up to relax. The spherical cover of the EnergyPod serves as a privacy visor that elegantly flips down to conceal your body. The built-in control panel can be operated with a single touch for a pre-programmed 20-minute power nap. You can also adjust the time for as long as you need. As relaxing as it is to drift off to sleep, the EnergyPod will gently yet effectively wake you with a series of lights, music, and vibrations so you can wake up refreshed.


Table Twins Modern LED Table Lamp

Table Twins Modern LED Table Lamp

Set the lighting according to any mood with the Table Twins Modern LED Table Lamp by XcellentDesign. This is a unique V-shape design lamp where the blades of the V have patented optical grade acrylic light diffusers to produce a soft, gentle illumination. A sensitive gear wheel gives you total control over the full range dimming capability so you can find the perfect ambience. The energy-saving LED lights will save you on your electric bill and create a gorgeous light. The Table Twins Table Lamp has a modern design with simple and elegant lighting that makes a beautiful statement. Choose to go with full brightness while you work or set the mood by lowering the lights. The Table Twins Modern LED Table Lamp will add style to any space.

Rs 10025.32

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