Covid-19 pandemic: People rush to buy meat and vegetables, forget dos and don’ts

PM Modi to hold meet with CMs of all states on April 11 and decide the next move on lockdown

Mysuru, April 10:- Mysuru district administration has permitted the sale of meat for three days in a week. People were seen rushing to meat shops to buy meat on Friday.

People were seen rushing to chicken and mutton shops at Boti Bazaar near Devaraja Market without maintaining social distancing. Even after being repeatedly instructed to wear face masks and maintain social distancing, people were rushing to buy meat without wearing masks.

As media reported, the possibility of seal down of entire Mysuru district, people rushed to Devaraja Market to buy essentials.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a discussion with the Chief Ministers of all states and announce the next move of the central government on Saturday.

Fearing continuation of lockdown, people are rushing to buy essentials. As coronavirus cases are rapidly increasing in the district, Mysuru district has been declared as a ‘red zone.’ Seal down is said to be the only way to stop the spreading of coronavirus pandemic. (MR/KS)

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