People throng palace for darshan of Royal couple

Thousands of Mysureans turned out to watch the newly-wed Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar and Trishika Kumari as they went in a procession at the Mysuru Palace premises on Wednesday night.

Mysureans showered blessings on the titular king of the Mysuru Royal. Braving the drizzle and cold weather, people patiently waited for the couple to come out of the palace at the end of the three-day extravaganza.

The royal couple, who finished their wedding rituals on Wednesday, were driven to the Trinayaneshwara, Kodi Someshwara temples in a BMW sedan car. Yaduveer,  dressed in gold Angarak with silk Mysuru turban, and Trishika, in a pink Mysuru silk saree, stepped out of the palace at 7:15 pm on Wednesday. 

Royal_wedding (2)
Thousands of Mysureans thronged the Mysuru Palace to have a glimpse of the royal couple as they went around in a procession at the palace premises on Wednesday

The couple was accompanied by Rajamatha Pramoda Devi in the front seat. Palace staff,  dressed in traditional attire, carrying umbrellas, marched alongside the car. The palace was specially illuminated to mark the end of royal wedding rituals. The palace band played the favourite instrumentals of the royal family.

The police and the staff in special duty had a difficult time to control the overenthusiastic crowd who were eager to capture the memorable moments on their phones and cameras. Some even tried to take a selfie with the royal couple. The procession was held for a few minutes before things went out of control. Later, Trishika was welcomed at the Madan Vilas for the vadhu pravesha rituals.  The wedding rituals ended with the removal of kankana at the  puja room.

Earlier, in the morning at Kalyan Mantap, Ganapathi Puja, Dakshayini Puja, Hiranya Garbha Puja, Trayathrimsha puja, Naagolli, Neelaloohitha Puja and for the second time Mangalya Dharana ritual were conducted. Later in the noon Holalu Suitivudu, Naakabali, Taamboola charavana, Thottlu Shastra, Gombe Shastra, Santhana Goopala Puja, Phala Puja were conducted. 


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