People throng temporary flower market at JK Ground on eve of Ayudha puja, Vijayadashami festival

Mysuru, October 24:- On the eve of Ayudha puja and Vijayadashami festival – October 25 and 26, people especially the women folk thronged the J K Grounds, opposite Mysuru Railway offices on Sheshadri Iyer Road in the city, to purchase flowers for the festival days.

Thousands of people thronged the J K Grounds where the vendors are selling varieties of flowers and puja material for the festivals. Traders say that the flower business was not as expected this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the festival has given some respite to the flower vendors following the strict lockdown imposed across the nation to contain the coronavirus since March this year. The customers who used to buy flowers in large quantities for the festival were seen curtailing purchases to suit their budget.

Another reason for the fall in sales of flowers and puja materials is the exorbitant price of flowers and vegetables in the markets. The rains and floods have affected the regular supply of flowers and vegetables from north Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Usually during the festivals – the flowers like Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Rose Red Hibiscus, Lotus and Parijata is in great demand and the prices shoot up 10 times higher compared to the normal times. Tulsi and Tulip flowers are also in demand during festivals.

Flowers are an intrinsic part of the Hindu worship and rituals. It is believed that the fragrance of the flower pleases the deity. Flowers create a pleasant and aesthetic value to the puja ritual. Flowers are also considered as a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

Despite the government guidelines on Covid-19 pandemic, the people have been repeatedly failing to maintain social distance and not wearing face masks while shopping outdoors.

The Mysuru City Corporation had to issue directives to the flower vendors of Devaraja Market to temporarily shift to the JK Grounds in view of space constraint at the Devaraja Market premises from October 23 to 25. (NAV, HN)

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