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Pick beauty courses to boost confidence

A career in beauty can boost your confidence and self-esteem. This is a field in which you can amalgamate starry glamour with social work for innate self-satisfaction.

With numerous beauty and make-up courses available today, it becomes a cumbersome task to round upon a perfect one for you.

Here is a listing of a few courses that we recommend:

* Art of make-up: This course helps solve all facial problems that people face or complain about and want them to be covered. Some flaws that individuals want camouflaged are – double chin, flat nose, and other natural or minor accidental marks, acne and pimples, pigmentation, burns, injuries and other skin disorders like oiliness and uneven texture.

This course teaches you the skills to confidently rectify the shape of face and features and conceal flaws of any face perfectly using the “art of make-up”. Upon completion of this course, you can work as a successful make-up artist in a reputed make-up studio or even open your parlour earn beyond limits.

* Basic beauty care: If you’re someone who is thinking to work as a beauty expert at a branded salon or set up your own beauty salon, this one is just for you. Beauty industry is highly dynamic in nature. To excel in this field, you have to get your basics right. The course starts with the basics to build a strong foundation of career growth.

* Basic hair cutting: Hairdressing is an ever-booming business which can help you take a great leap in your career by becoming a hair-dresser. The students undergoing such courses are provided with regular training and hands-on practice on clients which enables them to master all the basic and advanced knowledge about hair-cutting.

* Creative colouring: Hair-colours are so much in fashion, either for covering the grey hair or for style. This course teaches and trains you on the latest techniques for hair colour that too with the best of brands and latest trends. Understanding the colour key theory will also be a part of the curriculum.

* Nail art: Nail artists right now are making money by opening their own nail-studios. If you are a person with artistic inclination, this is the course for you. You can open your own specialized nail art studio or work as a nail art artist in various beauty clinics.

* Hair styling: This course equips you with unique and drool-worthy skills that will grow with time and experience. This art provides students, not only the required skills, but also the confidence by giving them the scientific knowledge of hair anatomy and textures. This course teaches the students, umpteen number of basic hairstyles according to different hair textures, length, profession and occasions to always be on the lead.

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