Piquant situation

No doubt  SC was perhaps  witnessing the extremely fissiparous  tendencies   increasingly being manifesting  in the country,  the two-judge  bench  has with laudatory intention felt that it was time that  people feel that they are Indians first and passed a mandatory order  that it  makes cinemas to   play the national anthem  before every screening even as  those all present  have to ‘stand up to show respect’ may create a piquant situation. If some people present do not stand up whether from their  religious considerations or even as a defiance questioning the ‘mandatory order’ as an affront to question their patriotism, the question arises whether they can be proceeded against as per law. The other aspect is who supervises it? On this aspect, SC should clarify for the observation by the bench.

H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysuru

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