Plasma separator machine launched at Jeevadhara Blood Bank

Mysuru, September 26:-The state-of-the-art Plasma separator machine was launched by Jeevadhara Blood Bank near Government Ayurveda College on Sayyaji Rao Road at Mandi Mohalla in the city on Friday (September 25).

“Though some hospitals in city have procured such machines in the past, they do not have permission from Drugs Controller General of India (DGCI) to extract plasma to treat COVID-19 patients. Ours is the first institute in Mysuru to have the required permissions and licences to extract plasma, says senior trustee of Jeevadhara Blood Bank Manoj Kumar.

These plasma separators are used to efficiently remove plasma from the blood bags to the transfer bags. Our plasma separators are made from top quality materials and fabricated using modern technology. These plasma separators are used by medical practitioners and laboratory personnel to efficiently extract and separate plasma, he added.

During a plasma donation, blood is drawn from the donation arm by a pump into a sterile single use disposable kit inside the cell-separating machine. Inside the Apheresis machine, there is a blood processing chamber that spins (centrifuges) the blood, separating it into layers.

Red cells are heaviest and sit at the bottom, platelets and white cells are in the middle and plasma is at the top as it is the lightest. The Apheresis machine is programmed to detect the plasma and divert it into a collection bag with the rest of the blood given back to the donor (red cells, white cells and platelets).

Covid-19 cured patient Vindya has donated Plasma at the venue for the benefit of seriously ill coronavirus patient and she asserted that there is no harm in donating plasma.

Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) chairman H V Rajeev, BJP city president Srivatsa, DTS Foundation president DT Prakash, Girish, Muthanna, directors, Jeevadhara Blood Bank, Vikram Iyengar, Ajay Shasthri, Pradeep Kumar, Dr Anil Thomas, Dr Kiran, Dr Mamata, Wilson, Prabhu Suresh and others were present. (NAV, HN)

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