Plea not to demolish Lansdowne building and Devaraja Market

Mysuru, February 13:- “Mysuru is worldly known because of its rich history and cultural heritage. It is attracting more and more tourists. Thousands of families in the city depend upon tourism. It is the responsibility of the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) to protect the heritage structures. But with the recent developments, the corporation and district administration are planning to demolish Devaraja Market and Lansdowne building, which should not take place,” said the president of Mysuru Chamber of Commerce and Industry, A S Satish here on Tuesday.

“It is not right to demolish buildings, saying they can’t be repaired. If the experts work on it, it can stay strong for more than five decades. District administration and MCC have to discuss with everyone and take a decision to protect the heritage buildings,” he added in his press release. (MR/SH).

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