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Plea to control discounts by e-commerce companies

Mysuru, February 28:- “Mysuru District Distributors’ Association, KFDWA and Mysuru Commerce and Industries Association, Mysuru supermarkets, retailers, district medicine merchants are staging a protest, demanding control on unscientific discounts by e-commerce companies,” said the secretary of the association of retailers Arun at a press meet held at Mysuru Press Club.

“All the distributors and merchants are taking up this issue and will bring this to the notice of the government. We have been doing business since ages. We are contributing to the welfare of the economy of the state and nation. We are paying all the taxes to the government. But the government has not come to our help. It has become difficult for us to compete with the unclear policies of e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon and others. Our sales are drastically coming down. So, all the merchants are sending out a message together,” he said.

“As there is one nation, the one-tax, one-nation one-price policy should be implemented. The government should take action to control unscientific discounts of e-commerce. The government should start development boards to protect the welfare of merchants,” he added.

Praveen, Satish, Kumaraswamy, Mohan and others were present. (MR/KS)

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