Plea to reopen markets in Mysuru city

Mysuru, June 29:- Long-drawn lockdown has had a negative impact on the people of Mysuru. With most shops closed due to government-imposed lockdown, the people are finding it tough to buy the essentials on a regular basis. Even the full-time and part-time businessmen are having a harrowing time.

Devaraja Market on Sayyaji Rao Road, one of the busiest markets in the city, has been shut for some time now. Merchants who have set up their shops there are struggling without regular income.  With uncertainty staring at them, they want to get back to business. Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) Councillor of Ward No 23, Pramila Bharath, met the Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Dr Bagadi Gautham on behalf of the merchants and requested him to give permission to reopen the shops. A memorandum was submitted to the DC on the occasion.

She said, “Due to the lockdown, most of the shops in leading markets in the city have been shut for more than two months now. This is leading to a lot of problems. As the death rate in Mysuru district has come down drastically, the MCC can now permit shops in the markets to reopen on a rotation basis.” (MR/GK)

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