PM Modi best ever Prime Minister: Survey

Prime News, New Delhi, August 19:-  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is way ahead of other leaders in Pan India popularity. And riding on the performance of the NDA government, the alliance is in a even more commanding position vis a vis 2014. This was revealed in a comprehensive survey conducted by a private media house.

The India Today Group-Karvy Insights Mood of the Nation (MOTN) opinion poll shows encouraging signs for the BJP led NDA.

The initiatives of the Prime Minister Modi have been given thumbs up by the people and BJP’s seat share shows a marginal increase than the tally party achieved in 2014.

So, practically the work is speaking for the party and has more than erased any incumbency factor for it ahead of the race for the 2019 general election.

The survey conducted in 19 states, covering 97 Lok Sabha constituencies and 194 Assembly segments gives a bright picture of the NDA prospects. The survey was conducted from July 12-23.

If the elections were to be held today, NDA will bag 349 seats, while UPA will manage only 75 seats. Partywise BJP will win 298 seats, improving its best show of 282 in 2014. Congress will win in 47 seats. The BJP’s voteshare comes out to be 35%, while that of congress is 20%.

In the survey, 63 % respondents rated Prime Minister Modi’s performance as good or outstanding. The Prime Minister is more popular in urban India than rural India. Comparing various schemes launched by the NDA government, respondents have rated the crackdown against black money as its biggest achievement. It tops the list with 23% votes. 14% respondents rates the corruption-free government as well as the demonetisation move as the biggest achievement of the government.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has got 11% votes while surgical strikes against pakistan got 9% votes. Various other schemes such as Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana, Direct Benefit Transfer, GST and digital push have also earned approvals form the people.

The survey proves it beyond doubt that Prime Minster Narendra Modi is the tallest leader in India and the policies, initiatives and decisions of Modi government have struck a right cord with the masses.

-(NGB, Inputs: Agencies)

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