PM Modi, BJP-RSS want to ‘dictate’ nation: Rahul Gandhi

Prime News, National, New Delhi, August 2:-  Training his guns at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said both factions want to dictate the nation.

Rahul said the central difference between the BJP and Congress is their approach towards the nation. The latter listens to the people and works accordingly, whereas the BJP dictates people and does what they wish to do.

“There is a central difference between the Congress and BJP-RSS. They say, we listen. They say this has to be done like this. We listen to it, but do what people say. Prime Minister Modi does not want much discussion taking place in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha. The RSS and Prime Minister Modi want to dictate the nation,” he said.

Unorganised people

Talking about his party’s recent initiative of including the common man in the arena of politics, Rahul again took a dig at the Prime Minister saying, the grand old party wants to listen to the ‘mann ki baat’ of unorganised people, professionals and other social movements, instead of the vice-versa taking place these days in politics.

“It is unfortunate that there is top-down in politics these days. Prime Minister Narendra Modi shares his vision with the nation, does his ‘mann ki baat.’ We want to listen to the ‘mann ki baat’ of unorganised people, professionals and other social movements. We want to understand it and implement it in the political system,” he said.

The Congress vice-president further informed about their programme of forming two sections – one for the professionals and the other for the unorganised – making them a party to politics and letting them participate in policy-making.

Professional Congress

“The professionals in India are interested in politics, but a kind of politics. They are not interested in a politics full of anger, brawl. So, we have formed the Professional Congress, where in we invite the professionals to participate in politics, policy-making,” he said.

“Similarly, there are thousands of unorganised people in India. We have made a platform for them as well- Congress for Unorganised Workers. We invite them as well to participate in politics,” he added.

-(NGB, Inputs: Agencies)

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