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PM Modi confers awards for excellence in Public Administration 2021 on Civil Services Day

Prime News, National, Administration, Civil Service, New Delhi, April 21:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday (April 21) said there cannot be any compromise on the integrity and unity of the country. 

He was addressing after conferring the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration on Civil Services Day. 
Modi said the nation was built by all those who followed the path of innovation with the mantra of ‘Nation First.’ Modi said every decision should be evaluated on its capacity to provide strength to the country’s unity and integrity. He said every civil servant needs to lead India to newer heights.

The Prime Minister added that governance reforms should be the goal and civil servants should work towards bringing change in the life of the common man. 

He said the common people should not have to struggle in their dealings with the government, benefits and services should be available to them without hassle. He highlighted that it is the duty of the government system to nurture, unleash and support the capability of the society.

He said India at 100 should be a watershed moment and the next 25 years should be seen as a single-time unit. He said each district in the country should set its objectives and aims for the next 25 years.

The Prime Minister said that during the last 8 years, many behavioural changes have been seen among the people due to government campaigns. Modi highlighted that India has created 14 unicorn startups in just three months of 2022. He called this a major achievement for the nation.

A total of 16 awards for five identified priority programmes and for innovations in the sphere of public administration and delivery of services were given this year. The awards have been instituted with a view to recognise the extraordinary and innovative work done by districts, implementing units, and Central and State organisations for the welfare of common citizens. 

The Prime Minister also released e-books on Priority programmes and on Innovations consisting of the success stories on the implementation of the identified priority programmes and innovations. (Inputs: Agencies, NGB)

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