PM Modi urges people to ‘think wisely’

Congress’ desire for power cost nation greatly, says Modi

Prime News, National, New Delhi, March 20:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people on March 20 to think wisely before casting their vote and attacked the Congress, alleging that the grand old party believed in insulting institutions, including Parliament, judiciary, media and the armed forces, when it was in power.

“As you go to vote – remember the past and how one family’s desire for power cost the nation so greatly. If they could do it then, they can surely do it now,” he wrote on his blog.

He said eternal vigilance remains the price of liberty.

“Think wisely: From the press to parliament. From soldiers to free speech. From the constitution to the courts. Institutional insult is the Congress way.”

“Everyone is wrong, only the Congress is correct,” he said, taking a dig at the principal opposition party.

He said his government has changed things as it puts institutions above everything else. “India has seen that whenever dynastic politics has been powerful, institutions have taken a severe beating,” he said.

Referring to freedom of expression, he alleged dynastic parties have never been comfortable with a free and vibrant press.

“No wonder, the very first constitutional amendment brought in by the Congress government sought to curtail free speech. Speaking truth to power, which is the hallmark of a free press was seen as vulgar and indecent,” Modi wrote.

He pointed out that the UPA years saw the bringing of a law that could land you in prison for posting anything “offensive.”

Modi said he wants to tell the Congress that “no amount of intimidation” will change the ground realities. “Curbing freedom of expression will not change people’s poor impression of the party.”

Referring to Emergency, he said it was imposed to “safeguard” the interests of a “dynasty”.

“The Congress has imposed Article 356 almost a hundred times, with Mrs. Indira Gandhi herself doing so about fifty times. If they did not like a state government or leader the government was dismissed,” he wrote.

“After 1947, every Congress government has seen multiple defence scams. They began with jeeps and then moved to guns, submarines and helicopters. Every middleman is linked to one family.”

Continuing his attack, he said, “When our forces strike at terrorist elements, Congress leaders accuse the political leadership of doing ‘Khoon Ki Dalali.’ When our air warriors strike at terrorists, Congress questions that too.”

He also accused the Congress of lacking “internal democracy”, saying if a leader dares to dream to head that party, he or she is shunted out. (Inputs: Agencies, NGB)




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