PM Modi: Vote katua Congress’ identity

Prime News, National, Pratapgarh (Uttar Pradesh), May 4:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday took potshots at the Congress party and its leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, saying vote katua (cutting into votes) is the grand old party’s identity.

Addressing an election rally in Pratapgarh of Uttar Pradesh where polling will take place in the fifth phase on Monday, Modi also slammed the Congress for sharing the stage in election rallies with Samajwadi Party leaders. He said that Congress leaders have betrayed BSP chief Mayawati so cunningly that even she is not able to comprehend.

“Cutting votes, dividing the society and country, tearing up an ordinance of the cabinet have become the identity of the Congress,” Modi told the crowd.

Modi said this while referring to Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s remark that her party is contesting elections to eat into the votes of BJP in Uttar Pradesh and winning is not in its mind. “It is clear that our candidates are putting up a tough fight. Where they are strong enough, they will win on their own. Where they are weaker, we have fielded candidates that will eat into BJP votes,” she had told reporters on Wednesday.

She, however, later clarified that her party candidates will not cut into votes of the SP-BSP-RLD candidates but only of the BJP in seats where the Congress’ candidates are weak. “My statement has been misreported. I had said that the Congress is fighting and I would prefer to die rather than give any benefit to the BJP,” she said.(Inputs: Agencies, NGB)


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