Poets, writers are our priceless treasure: Minister ST Somashekar

Mysuru, October 22:- ‘Kavi ghosti’ or Poets’ meet which usually draws a lot of attention during Dasara was inaugurated by well-known poet Gubbigudu Ramesh here on Thursday (October 22). The two-day meet was supposed to be inaugurated by the District in-charge Minister S T Somashekar but he could not make it to the function. The minister sent across his message.

Somashekar said, “I heartily welcome Poets’ Meet. India is a land of diversity and each state has its own identity. Our ancestors laid the foundation for us to carry forward our tradition and culture and literature. Right from the days of kings, we have been honouring poets and their writings. A poet sees what an ordinary man can’t see. Great poets like Kalidasa, Pampa, Ranna and Basavanna held our tradition high. They were nurtured and honoured by our kings. I am proud we are continuing the same practice. Vijayanagar empire king Srikrishna Devaraya had a lot of respect for poets. Our Mysuru kings continued his good work and held poets in high esteem.”

The minister said, “We used to have a grand Dasara all these years. But this year, due to coronavirus pandemic, our plans have turned topsy-turvy. There was a suggestion not to conduct poets’ meet but the District Sahitya Parishat took upon itself to organise the meet. Its president Dr Y D Rajanna deserves a round of applause.”

Somashekar said, “Poem is like a mirror. If we dig deep, it will have a lot of meaningful messages. Every poet talks of upliftment of the society in his poems which are value-based. A country draws importance on the number of poets and writers it has. Eight Kannada novelists have won Jnanapitha Awards and it is something we are all proud of.

“Pampa, Basavanna, Kuvempu, Kumarasvyasa and others took Kannada literature to dizzy heights. Only poets and writers are respected wherever they go.”

The BJP leader added, “I warmly greet the people on the occasion of Dasara and pray to Goddess Chamundeshwari to bless everyone with peace and prosperity. As I was preoccupied with an assignment, I could not make it to the Poets’ meet.”

BJP MLA L Nagendra, Kannada Sahitya Kalakoota president M Chandrashekar, Rajashekar Kadamba, Dr B Ravi and others were present. (MR/KS)

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