Police ask foreign students to behave well

In the wake of a slew of recent ugly incidents in Bengaluru involving foreign nationals especially those from African countries, Mysuru city police have asked foreign nationals settled in city to ensure that such incidents do not recur in Mysuru.

The heritage city has about 4,000 foreign students from 67 countries studying in different universities and colleges.

At a meeting held recently, police authorities told the representatives of foreign students to make sure that the foreign nationals stick to local rules and regulations, respect local culture, abstain from late night parties that will cause disturbance to others.

More importantly, they have been told not to drive vehicles without driving licence and proper documents. They were warned not to indulge in drunken driving.

Tinashe, a student at JSS Law College and vice-president, Federation of International Students Association, Mysuru, said the police officials spoke to them about various local rules and asked them to stick to it. He said by and large the foreign students in city conduct themselves in a proper manner and are within their limits.

“It is only a few people who are not able to connect well with the local population indulge in fights like the ones that happened in Bengaluru. It is not right to generalise that all foreign nationals go against Indian laws,” he said.

He said that after the meeting with the police officials, he asked fellow foreign students to be more careful. He said the police authorities have also planned an orientation programme for foreign students by the end of July when college and university admissions are over.

“I am pursuing law course at JSS Law College since the last four years and I have not come across any problem. Give respect and take respect policy must be followed by one and all. We should know the culture of the place where you stay and follow the same,” added Tinashe.

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