Police canteen to begin soon

Mysuru, May 13:- Police profession is one of the busiest and hectic. They work for almost 24 hours every day. They don’t get time even to go for shopping and to buy the daily products. Understanding the problems of the police, with the ladership of Superintendent of police Ravi D Channannavar, a canteen for police has been set up near D R Grounds.

Speaking to City Today, Ravi D Channannavar said, “It is difficult for the police to go for lunch and breakfast in time. They don’t get time to go for shopping as well. To overcome these troubles, we have planned of starting a police canteen near their residence, where they can get food, groceries and everything needed for the day to day activities. We had implemented the same at Shivamogga. This canteen includes provision store, hopcoms, and medical stores.”

The police will get the products that they need at a discount. Now it is up to them make good use of the provision. (KS)

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